TicketSwap is the largest ticket resale platform in the Netherlands. In 2022 I joined the team as the designer responsible for the buying experience. Next to that, I'm also driving the visual redesign of the apps and work with the design team to set a long term vision for the product.

The NS Lab app is an experimental app created by the Dutch Railways to try-out innovative features for their passengers before rolling them out into their main app. In 2021, I joined the team to design and deliver hyper-personalization features into the app. During these months, I also established new processes to align the delivery and documentation of designs with the needs of the development team, which resulted in higher standards of delivery at launch.


Product design, Visual design, Design strategy

Product design, strategy

Product team



iOS, Android, Web




Redesigning the app's checkout flow

The checkout flow is the core flow of the buying team. When I joined the team, I started working on redesigning the flow with the goal of removing unnecessary steps, improving the experience for all buyers and setting the stage to start experimenting with commercial initiatives.

TS_New flow

Offering extras at checkout

To support the company's commerical ambitions, the new checkout screen is designed to accomodate extras to add to the order. My goal was to strike a balance between giving high visibility to extra products while keeping teh checkout process straighhtfoward for buyers who just want to pay for their tickets.

Extras Phone

Defining a new visual identity for the apps

My largest focus outside of the work I do with my product team has been to lead the effort to modernise the look and feel of the TicketSwap mobile app. With this new look, the goal is to make the product look more inline with the current UI design standards and to let TicketSwap's unique identity shine through its product.

This new identity was defined by working with the team on a vision for the future of the app and then summarised under 8 principles. It is now being implemented in the live app step by step.

Visual design principles and concept screens


The new style applied to the live app


But also...

Shaping a vision for the future of TicketSwap, defining a north star for the buying experience, designing user-centered internal tools...

In my role as a product designer at TicketSwap I have been involved in more than can be shown here. But always happy to share more over a chat!

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© 2023 Sami Désir 

© 2023 Sami Désir 

© 2023 Sami Désir 

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